Cross-border cluster specialised in medical devices and E-health

Design and manufacture of custom orthopedic healthcare product

Digitization of the anatomy and image capture of the patient using an optical 3D scanner. Orthosis design adapted to each patient, pathology and treatment based on the requirements specified by the medical team. And manufacturing using additive technology under the ISO13485 quality management system. The manufacturing process consists of sintering PA12 using the HP-MultiJetFusion equipment. ISO 10993-5 and ISO 10993-10 certified material exceeds FDA requirements for use in contact with the skin.

Manufacture of implantable ortho-prosthetic medical device in Titanium

Proyecto 8 Optimus 3d

Certified under the ISO13485 quality management system, Optimus3D guarantees the manufacture of safe and quality implantable medical devices. Craniomaxillofacial, dental, trauma and cervical prostheses printed on Ti6Al4V G23 / G5.

Custom cosmetic cover for transtibial prosthesiS

Proyecto 9 Optimus 3d

Optimus 3D made a design for a fencer that consisted of digitizing its healthy anatomy using an optical 3D scanner to obtain its symmetry and model a sheath adapted to its needs. The manufacture was carried out in additive technology (PA12 powder sintering in HP-MultiJetFusion machine).


Cluster network encompassing the 3 clusters of the Euroregion: AdditiValley (additive manufacturing / 3D Printing), BigDatia (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) and InnovMedica (Medical devices and E-health).

The project is funded by EGTC Euroregion – Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra.