Cross-border cluster specialized in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

BigDatia is a cross-border cluster that creates collaboration between companies and technology centres from the three neighbouring territories that form part of the Euroregion: Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra.

This cross-border cluster offers specialised competences in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence and covers more than 80% of the value chain in this sector.

Member companies and technology centres of BigDatia coexist in an innovation ecosystem and their complementary profiles allows the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in projects in various sectors:

    • Industry
    • Health, medical
    • Transport
    • Energy
    • Aerospace

The members of this cluster process large flows of information, heterogeneous and evolving data, and develop customised solutions and assistants for industry, transport, finance and services, tourism, health, etc.

This cluster includes everything from data collection to data analysis and cleansing, from the provision of real-time decision support tools to the prediction of purchases/sales and all forms of customer support in data flow control.

All the technical competences of the value chain are integrated in BigDatia, among which the following stand out:

    • Machine Learning.
    • Deep Learning.
    • Real-time virtual assistants and predictive maintenance.
    • IoT and cyber-physical systems.
    • Tailor-made training for employees or initial training for engineering students.
    • R&D units for collaborative projects.

BigDatia cluster is part of the KLUSTEURO programme, this public-private partnership is
co-founded bythe Euroregion Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra, and the contributions
of its members, i.e., companies and technology centres from the three territories.

The development of this cross-border cluster and its management are carried out in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bayonne, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gipuzkoa, and SODENA, the economic development agency of Navarra.


Cluster network encompassing the 3 clusters of the Euroregion: AdditiValley (additive manufacturing / 3D Printing), BigDatia (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) and InnovMedica (Medical devices and E-health).

The project is funded by EGTC Euroregion – Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra.