Cross-border cluster specialized in additive manufacturing / 3D printing

Aernnova aeronautical parts

Proyecto Optimus 3d

Within the European Amable program, Optimus 3D carried out  a study for Aernnova Aeronautics evaluating the feasibility of substituting geometries designed for machining with geometries optimized for additive manufacturing through generative design.

Within the spectrum of materials analyzed, weight reductions of 30% were obtained for the same function while maintaining the boundary conditions.

Titanium knuckle and polyamide housing for the Bizkor 01

Proyecto 2 Optimus 3d

Specifically, our engineering team was responsible for the manufacture of two sensitive parts such as the knuckle, made of titanium, and the motor case, integrating the cooling system

With the collaboration of the Formula Student Vitoria team, Optimus 3D teamworked in the construction of the Bizkor 01, a single-seater,  220-kilo car, 100% electric, carbon monocoque chassis and abundant talent from the Vitoria´s Engineering School.

Optimus 3D and ´Basque Premium Camper´

Proyecto 3 Optimus 3d

Design and manufacture of plastic components, as well as custom finishes for two models manufactured by Mercedes Benz (V-Class and Sprinter) within the framework of the ‘Smart Comfort’ project, promoted under the supervision of the SPRI Group’s Hazitek program.

Custom thrusters for nanosatellites

Proyecto 4 Optimus 3d

Within the framework of the AMPERE project (Advanced Manufacturing for Propellant Tanks for nanosatellites propelled by Electrosprays and financed by Galactic Project) we will collaborate in the development of the tanks that will contain the ionic liquid used in the propulsion of these satellites. The tanks will be designed taking advantage of the advantages that additive manufacturing allows, including a lattice in the internal structure with a gradient that favors the flow of ionic liquid towards the propellants through capillarity.

The simplification of the design process will allow us  to offer customized solutions based on the orbital needs of each client without increasing the cost.

Mixing nozzle

Proyecto 5 Optimus 3d

Development focused on the food sector for the conduction of fluids and suspended solids. This mixing nozzle has been manufactured in additive technology from C300 tool steel (also in AISI316L), a process that could hardly have been completed with standard techniques and at a fraction of its cost.

BOTTPOWER Design and manufacture of structural parts of competition vehicles.

Proyecto 6 Optimus 3d
  1. Generative design for lightening of weights.
  2. We shorten the development deadlines of the project.
  3. Any modification of part without tooling costs.
  4.  Integral saving of costs.

Cluster network encompassing the 3 clusters of the Euroregion: AdditiValley (additive manufacturing / 3D Printing), BigDatia (Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) and InnovMedica (Medical devices and E-health).

The project is funded by EGTC Euroregion – Nouvelle Aquitaine – Euskadi – Navarra.